Keep Mt. Olive Beautiful

Our vision here in Mt. Olive is to have clean and beautiful communities. The goal of Keep Mount Olive Beautiful is to foster an environment inwhich we can instill pride amongst our citizens and provide a sense of ownership. Our desire is to increase the desirability of potential business development and homeownership within the city limits of Mt. Olive.

Our commission and membership is made of individuals who volunteer their time and share their resources because they have a heart for Mt. Olive and they truly want to see our little town grow to its fullest potential.  


The mission of KMOB is to build and sustain community environmental activities and behaviors for a more beautiful Town of Mount Olive. KMOB aspires to educate the citizens of the Town of Mount Olive to be proactive in the improvement and beautification of their community.



Lovin’ Small Town Livin’

Contact Info

Breyon Magee
Executive Director
P.O. Box 510


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